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The Trading of Livejournal Online TCG

Trading For Anime, Manga, and Video Game Character Cards

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The Trading of ANIME LJ TCG
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January 31st, 2010


spc☆my wild rhythm
Hey guys! I already came around and stalked everyone's card piles, but I figure I might as well put up a post anyway. JUST BECAUSE!

So, aside from my current decks (J-Chair, Zetta, Artes, Tend, Parapara, Jiraiya and Fool), I have several decks that I'm pretty close to finishing, ranging from 4-8 cards away from being done! I've been looking around for some of these for a looong time, so if anyone is feeling generous and has these cards, you should help me out! ;D


I also still have TONS of future and far-future decks, including every deck in the Tales Of series!



Ren animated
Hey guys~ I know I've traded with a ton of you but I have a small request to ask.

I'm trying to complete the Fighting evil by moonlight quest and I have found some of the cards I need but no Venus. I need 3 total.

But besides that I only need 2 Moon and 1 Densetsu

So if you would like to help that would be great and I'll be very happy for it! Other than that I'm still collecting all of the Bleach decks~ Only need SLEEVE18/19/20~

So come on over to my card post and trade with me~
And my far future pile as well~

January 30th, 2010

(no subject)

for fuck's sake
I am still taking requests for my 15 freebies spots. I need bronzes, or if there is anyone else who hasn't taken their cards from the update yet, or you can post your trade pile.

hello there!

→ perpetually perky
I've finally updated my post after like, a month, pfft. So I've got lots of cards to trade, you know you want them~ Anything in my trade pile can be traded for anything, so just leave me a link to your post in you're unsure if you have any cards I want. ♥

Click on the banner to get to my main post, or follow one of the trade pile links~

# - L
M - Z + special

January 26th, 2010

(no subject)

|| the little bird flies
Your Mithril cards, show me them.

I'm looking for Mithril 01/03/05/07/17/19. As usual, I'm happy to trade for my other decks and tradeables, but Mithril is my priority right now. :D

Main Post || Trading Post

Thanks for looking!

January 25th, 2010

I finally caught up on updating my card post and have lots of stuff I'm still looking for!

Current decks- Smile, Obey, Shiro, and Sake
Cards I'd love to have- Any of the Tales of the Abyss decks (since I'm collecting nearly all of them)

I'll trade anything from my trade pile, certificates, and (for a reeeally good offer) stuff from my lower priority collections.

Link to my main card post:

Thanks! <3

January 24th, 2010

I WANT TO TRADE STUFF!!! I am mainly looking for Volcano, Flirt, Kritya, Kodama and Fedora, but there's a lot I will trade for. Just link me to your post/trade pile and I'll more than likely find something.


January 22nd, 2010

7 spots left!

Ne, I have been sooo busy since I've gotten new job & I kinda late to the claiming parteh. Since I work 6 days a week, have tons of update to do & moar random cards to upload, sooo I'm opening the slots to whomever wants to get their hands of the new cards in exchange for 1 bronze cert for each 1 value card or 1 silver for 2 value card (if there is one =3). I dun mind if you want 2 cards, just trade 2 bronze or a silver~

<----- romajiji is helping me on the update, so 2 value card == 1 slot <3

1. island02 ---> russia16 - darkranger
2. shore11---> bronze cert - kikai7
3. gears19 ---> bronze cert - lucathia_ryakatu
4. brown12 ---> bronze cert - megchan
5. reserve to caitirin
6. emoji20 ---> bronze cert - ratiosu
7. sleeve16 ---> bronze cert - chikky2k
8. shelby16 ---> bronze cert - vaclavclaus

saa minna-san, comment awaaaaay~

January 21st, 2010

(no subject)

fishbones: ring
Do any of you have:

-gears (busou renkin)
-stunt, torino (ginban kaleidoscope)
-hatsu, tanto (hunter x hunter)
-icarus (kid icarus)
-asylum (rabbit doubt)
-orbis (negima)
-part (ookiku furikabutte)
-east, frilly, west (princess princess)
-j-chair (shugo chara)
-bound, float, navy (bokurano)
-mikheil (07 ghost)

I decided I'll be collecting these decks and would like to have at least one card of each in my post so people know I'm collecting them! Currently, I have no cards from these decks. I am also collecting a bunch of other decks already, such as zearth, habit, and names to name a few. My trading section is huge and needs to be trimmed down a bit, so come take a look, trade with me, link me to your post if you see cards you want but you don't know if you have something I'd want, etc.

collecting | trading


HIHI! I think that if I post what cards I am looking for it will show people I'm an extremely active player! I check everyday (maybe slack a little bit on weekends) but I always get back to you within 1-2 days!

I recently won 34 cards in games so I'd like to offer my trade cards up (over 500)!

Currently looking for:
Adonis: 04/06/10/14/15/20
Cabbit: 04/06/13/14/15
Four: 04/06/08/09/10/11/20
Makai: 01/04/07/12/13/16/18
Naryu: 02/03/05/06/08/11/13/18
Sister: 09/12/13/18/20
Sweets: 01/04/05/06/10/12/13/17/20
Vesper: 02/03/08/10/13/14/16/20
Striked out numbers are possibly pending

I am also looking out for the following decks:
Amnesia(cowboy bebop), Bee, Excess, Flower, Hood, Malibu, Maps, Stiff, Witch, Zenon.
All D.Gray-Man Sets.
All Rahxephon Sets.
All Studio Ghibli Sets. (minus shallow)
Specials: Tarot-Wands, Tarot-Swords, Colors.
(any decks on my main post I will accept cards from to get rid of cards in my card pile. I'll also accept cards in my Future Decks post.

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