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The Trading of Livejournal Online TCG

Trading For Anime, Manga, and Video Game Character Cards

The Trading of ANIME LJ TCG
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Members of ANIME_LJ_TCG help each other.
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The Original game, anime_lj_tcg, founded by tsunderes.
The Trading Community based off the Original Game, anime_tcg_trade, founded by __katreusaki with permission from tsunderes

Basics How...
Welcome to anime_tcg_trade! This is a community where members of anime_lj_tcg can post and request the cards they're looking for. If you're interested, please Join! You must be a Level One member in order to trade on this community.

All the information, rules, ect of anime_lj_tcg also applies to anime_tcg_trade.

About: A FAQ and general information post.
Rules: Rules of the Game
Members: See who’s playing and then join yourself!
Level Up: Comment here if you've leveled up.
Banners: Grab a level banner to link back!
Tags: Navigate the community and find the present and previous games, decks, and everything else

All the cards, ideas, concepts ect. belong to the creator of the game tsunderes; who works hard to keep the game, new, exciting, and to keep up with the many, many requests of the members of the game.

How to Trade with Other Players
1. Join this community. Don't just Friend it.
2. Choose to Post.
3. In your post to this community state which cards you are looking for. Example: Hello, I'm looking for a card that I cannot find and I really wish to have. That card is Witch 20. I am willing to trade anything in my [hyperlink back to Card Post] Trade Section [or whatever you decide to name your hyperlink] for it.
I have the card Mugen02 that I would like to trade for any card in the Hell deck. If you have a Hell card that you need to trade, please contact me in my [hyperlink to the Card Post].

4. Trades must be completed in the post you have registered as your Card Post on the members list. This makes it more like the game tsunderes intended. Go to their Card Post and comment accordingly about their inquiry.
5. When your trade is completed and is no longer open for negotiation please either strike out your post or write a Thank You note and the person you traded with.
6. If you get several offers, it's fair to go with the first offered. This is a first-come, first-serve basis.
7. Don't forget to update your trade log.

Thanks for reading! Have fun trading!!

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