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The Trading of Livejournal Online TCG

Colors TCG

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The Trading of ANIME LJ TCG
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Colors TCG

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Hello, past Anime LJ TCGers! I PMed isamunee to ask if it was okay to post here and got the OK. ^__^ I just wanted to say that I started a new LJ based TCG with the help of a lot of people. I see that a lot of old members from this TCG have joined already. ♥ If any of you are still interested in TCGs, Colors will be opening on June 2nd! We're currently in prejoin and would love to see more of you there~. I'm feeling nostalgic already!

colors_tcg is a colorful, multifandom character tcg. Decks look like this:

Master badges look like this:

IOUs come in the form of funky crayons because we run along an art theme!

And you get rewards for filling out Sketchpads by trading 20 cards with other players.

If you're interested, please check out the website that has all the relevant info (the site sadly does not work correctly in IE, but I've been told all other browsers work!) and colors_tcg, the community to check for all updates and games. The card list is here, and if you're considering joining, here's the join post! If you join during prejoin, you'll receive two starter packs instead of one. You get one right now, and you'll get another one when we open on June 2nd! I'll also make sure that at least one of your suggested characters gets released when we open. :)
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